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I used to ride the city bus from my stop to the end and back in order to observe and draw the people on the bus during my junior high school years.  I met someone on the bus who told me about the children’s Saturday School at Columbus College of Art and Design.  I took the bus there and showed them my sketch book.  They allowed me to attend for free.  While in high school I received the governor’s award for the arts in Ohio.  The award was a solo show at The Ohio State Fair and a place for me to demonstrate.  I did portraits every day for 5.00 each for anyone able to trust a teenager.

My drawings earned me a full scholarship at Columbus College of Art and Design and later a scholarship and fellowship at The University of South Carolina.    After earning my BFA degree I married and began a family teaching art at the elementary and university level. 

Making marks on paper was ingrained in me from a very early age.  During my formal studies I searched for a medium that would allow me to incorporate the integrity of my gestures and lines. I began with sculpture, but the department was too misogynistic to allow me to continue.  While pursuing this line of studies, I met Louis Nevelson who encouraged me to distance myself from  these male teachers. I morphed to printmaking and discovered lithography.  I was fascinated with the multitude of processes that informed my love of drawing.  In addition, I fell in love with handmade and organic papers.

I taught printmaking and drawing at the university level until I retired from a tenured position to practice art full time in Santa Fe, New Mexico

  Images can be seen in print in the 2010 and 2012 West divisions of New American Paintings.  I was honored to be featured in “Art on the Edge” at the New Mexico Museum of Art, and one of five women in New Mexico nominated as Women to Watch, representing the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. Among my public collections are: The Baatan Building in Santa Fe, Uinversity of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Community College,  Eastern New Mexico University, USAO in Oklahoma, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Virginia Hospital.




         University of South Carolina, Master of Fine Arts Degree

         Columbus College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Art

         Arizona State University MA Film Theory and Criticism



         Arbor3 Arts - Three Oaks, Michigan

         Kay Contemporay - Santa Fe NM

         Rare Gallery – Jackson Wyomning

         Thornwood Galleries – Houston Texas




        2020      Blue Print Gallery - Dallas

         2019.     Blue Print - Dallas

         2018      David Anthony Fine Art

         2016      David Anthony Fine Art

         2015      The William and Joseph Gallery

         2014      Artspace 111, Fort Worth Texas

                         JRB Fine Arts, Oklahoma City OK

         2013      Mathews Gallery, Santa Fe NM             

         2012      Paseo Originals, Oklahoma City

                         Living Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma – April

         2011       Mathews/Deloney Newkirk Galleries

         2010      Istvan Gallery OKC

                         Artprize Grand Rapids Michigan.

                         Fort Worth Community Arts

                         Istvan Gallery OKC

         2009     City Arts Solo October-November - Oklahoma City                  

                         Conduit Gallery March Dallas, Texas

         2008     MFA Gallery Dallas Texas, June-August

         2005     Solo Exhibition, Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, Missouri

         2004     IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



         2020     Women to Watch New Mexico- National Museum of Women in Art Washington, -Center for Contemporary Arts.

                         Grand Opening - Kay Contemporary - Santa Fe NM

         2019      Santa Fe Studio Tour

                         Santa Fe Community Gallery CSA Project

         2018      Thornwood Gallery

                         Joseph Gierek Fine Art

                         JRB at the Elms.

         2017       Farmington Art Museum – Best of Show - Juried

         2016       Group Show – David Anthony Fine Art

         2015       New Mexico Museum of Art – Art on the Edge

         2014       Meyer Gallery – Park City Utah

         2013       A.C.A Gallery, NYC group Exhibit

         2012       New American Paintings – west division – exhibition in print.

         2011        Red Dot IAO Gallery

                          Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition 12X12

                          Benrimon Contemporary, New York, New York.

                          Omelet Party Fundraiser for Oklahoma Museum of Art

         2010       12X12 Fred Jones OKC September

                          The Art of the Doll – OKC

                          Arkansas Art Center Delta Show

                          Leslie Powell

                          Art Prize Michigan

         2009      Suzanne Mears Art Holiday Show

                          IAO Gallery Red Dot

                          Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition 12X12 Art Show and Auction

                          Suzanne Mears Art Art of the Dog

                          MSCC Forsyth Center Galleries Texas A&M University - BEST OF SHOW

                          VAST Visual Arts Society of Texas   

                          Oklahoma Friendly: National Juried Exhibition

                          CafCity Arts Group Invitational

                          13th Biennial Oklahoma Centerfold University of Arts and Sciences, Oklahoma    

         2008       9X12 Works on Paper Fort Worth Community Arts Center

                           13th Biennial Oklahoma Centerfold” Leslie Powell Lawton

                  Nude International 2008

                           Annual Paper in Particular National Exhibition juror Robert Mueller

                           Lexington Art League January-February Loudoun House Gallery

         2007        ISTVAN Gallery Grand Opening

                           50th Annual Delta Exhibition Juror James Surls Arkansas Arts Center

                           Oklahoma Suite II Leslie Levy Fine Arts                               

                           Seven State Biennial USAO Art Gallery

                           Leslie Levy Fine Arts Oklahoma  

                           The Figurative Impulse Art Corridor II Fort Worth, Texas Group Invitational

                            Oklahoma Suite II - Two Year Traveling Exhibit

                            Edge Art Now IAO Gallery

                            Oklahoma Friendly National Juried  FIRST PLACE Mixed Media OCU

         2006         Paseo Art Gallery Group Juried Show

                             Heroes and Outlaws Oklahoma Centennial Exhibit  

                             Oklahoma Art Guild National Juried Exhibition April First Place

                             Facets of the Feminine

         2005         Seven State Biennial Purchase Award

                             Oklahoma Painting and Drawing Biennial VIII 

                             The Shafer Regional Invitational Art Exhibition

                             Café City Arts Exhibit

         2004          24 Works on Paper Traveling Exhibit

                             Goddard Center 35th Annual Juried Show

                             OVAC Artful Experience Printmaking Oklahoma

         2003          Not So Silent Night Invitation

                             Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Biennial OKC

                             Mixed Media/Collage Juried Exhibition Best of Show Norick Art Center - Oklahoma

         2002          Goddard Center 33rdAnnual Art Exhibit First Place

                              Lawton Oklahoma Monotype Invitation Group show

                              IAO Mixed Media Juror Laura Wariner

                              Biting the Apple 2002 Sex Machines IAO Gallery,

                              Oklahoma Arts Guild 34th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

         2001           Three Person Invitational Murray State College

                              Mixed Media Norick Art Center Oklahoma City University

                              Four Person Independent Artists of Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

         2000          Southwestern University Three Person Invitational

                              Independent Artists of Oklahoma Eleventh Annual Mixed Media     

                              Mixed Media/Collage Exhibition; Norick Art Center, Oklahoma City University


Museum/Public Collections - selection

                              Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine, Meridian, Idaho

                              University of Virginia Hospital, Charlottesville Virginia – Purchase: 2018

                              State of New Mexico – Bataan Building - 2016

                              Central New Mexico Community College - 2017

                              Eastern New Mexico University - 2016

                              Oklahoma State University

                              East Central University

                              Texas A&M - Library

                              University of Science and Art Chickasaw OK  


                              Trend Magazine - Fall/Winter/Spring 2019/2020

                              New American Paintings - 2018

                              New American Paintings 2014, Issue 114

                              Trend Magazine Fall/Winter 2013/2014

                              New American Paintings, West Issue #103, juror Bill Arning 2012

                              The Magazine September 2012

                              Studio Visit Magazine 2011/2010

                              Southwest Art July 2011

                              The Santafean August 2011



                              Nominated:  National Women in Art Museum - Washington DC

                              New Mexico Art in Public Places 2017

                              Prospectus #239 2016 AIPP Large Scale Purchase Initiative

                              New Mexico Art in Public Spaces – finalist 2014/2015

                              Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition 2009 Fellowship Award

                              BEST OF SHOW TEXAS A&M FORSYTH GALLERY

                              VERMONT STUDIO CENTER - FELLOWSHIP

                              Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Framing Grant – 2009

                              Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Education Grant 2008

                              University of Science and Arts OK Purchase Award

                              Oklahoma Painting and Drawing Biennial VIII honorable mention

                              Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Materials Grant

                              Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Travel Grant

                              Norick Art Center Oklahoma City University Best of Show

                             Goddard Center  First Place Award

                             East Central University Education Grant

                             IAO Gallery Best Use of Mixed Media

                             Norick Art Center One of Two First Place Awards

                             East Central University - Dean Travel Award for Scholarly Activity



                            Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition: Gallery Representation. 

                             Artspace 2010 - lecture

                             Mixed Media Workshop Oklahoma Art Guild June 2010

                             Quartz Mountain panel artist - topic: residencies

                             Zacryl Intaglio Printmaking Untitled ArtSpace 2008

                             Smart Plate Digital Printmaking Untitled Artspace 2006

                             Book Arts Manchester England, March 2005

                             Lithography Demonstration Artful Experience OKC 2005/2004

                             Monotype Lecture Nelsen Atkins Print Consortium October 2003

                             Paper CAA Conference February 2002 (Philadelphia) The On-Going Debate of the 

                             MFA Degree.       

                             Paper Presentation Problems in Academia, and Investigation of Professional          

                             Practices.  SECAC Conference 2001, Columbia, SC

                             Portrait Drawing and Painting Demonstration, Columbus, Ohio



                            Santa Fe Art Institute July August (Residency) 2010

                            VERMONT STUDIO CENTER NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2008       

                            Zacryl Non-toxic printmaking Los Milagros Print Studio October 2005    

                            The Business of Art Untitled Gallery November 2004 OVAC   

                            Going Digital Oklahoma City University October, 2004 - OVAC

                            Nontoxic printmaking Santa Fe New Mexico August 3 20, 2004

                            Monotype Workshop Ron Pokrasso Santa Fe, New Mexico

                            Monotype Workshop Quartz Mountain – 2001

                            Monotype Workshop Quartz Mountain - 2002



                           Arizona State University Teaching Assistantship

                           University of South Carolina Teaching Assistantship and Fellowship

                           Ford Foundation Scholarship

                           Columbus College of Art and Design Three Year Full Scholarship

                           Columbus College of Art and Design Outstanding Junior Studio Major Full Year      


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